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So, you are undertaking your research and you are starting to consider where you will publish. It is worth considering the points below when deciding where to publish your research.

Publishing objectives

Why do you want to publish? Is it to:

  • build a publishing record
  • contribute to new knowledge
  • disseminate research findings
  • increase your research profile or impact

Where will you publish?

These questions may help guide you in deciding where to publish:

  • Where have your colleagues or supervisors published?
  • When undertaking your literature searching, which titles are publishing in your research area?
  • Do you need to consider access, turnaround times for publication and readership (including target audience)?
  • Should you publish in an academic publication or a non-academic publication? Would your research be of interest to a broader audience beyond academia?
  • Who are the key researchers in your area and where are they publishing? Use some of the tools within citation databases such as Scopus to identify these. For further help, refer to the Research Collaboration tab on the Strategic Publishing Library guide.


After watching this video of Dr Anne Jamison, a lecturer and researcher from the Western Sydney University, talking about the publishing process, think about or write down your three main reasons for deciding to publish your research.

Are any of your reasons similar to those discussed in the video?

Strategic Publishing Planning Activity

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Getting published: a researcher’s guide (12:22 min) by Graduate Research School Western Sydney University (YouTube)


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