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Mendeley is a freely available reference manager. Both the online and desktop versions are easy use and there is a lot of online support available.

Features of Mendeley:

  • 2GB of free storage (upgrades are available for a fee)
  • Operability on a range of devices including PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones
  • Organise and annotate PDFs in both the online and desktop versions
  • Create public groups to share research interests and references, and private groups for closed discussion and sharing of PDFs
  • Create a Mendeley research profile to highlight research interests, publications and metrics
  • Find relevant papers based on the references in your library
  • Desktop version allows for the transfer of an EndNote or Zotero library via a RIS, XML or BibTeX file using the import functionality

However, Mendeley has limited functionality with some word processing applications such as Google Docs and Apple Pages.


Mendeley is used by many researchers at RMIT University. Here’s a short video of Professor James Harland speaking about aspects of Mendeley that he finds useful:

Help and support

Mendeley provides online help via instructional guides, videos and tutorials, and also has its own YouTube channel so these are all great places to get more help.

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