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Adding full text to your EndNote library

There are three different ways that an EndNote library can be built by using existing PDFs and finding the full-text. 

  1. The simplest method to attach one PDF is to select the record from your EndNote library and drag and drop the PDF.

  2. Another option is to create records in your EndNote library by adding a folder of PDFs. From the toolbar menu File > Import > File or Folder. Note: Endnote can harvest the data about an article and create a reference for it as long as the article includes a DOI.

  3. Lastly, add PDFs to existing records in your EndNote Library using the Find Full Text. From the toolbar menu References > Find Full Text > Find Full Text. EndNote searches for the PDF files and where available, attaches them to your references. 

The EndNote library guide has step-by-step instructions on how to ‘add full-text PDFs.’ 


If you already have some existing PDFs try adding them by utilising either adding one PDF or adding a folder of PDFs. 

Or, mark some records in your EndNote Library and use the Find Full Text method. 

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