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Strategic Publishing


Welcome to this online module, Strategic publishing.

Applying strategic measures when considering publishing, promoting and tracking your research is an important component of being an academic researcher and it will have a significant impact on your standing as a researcher.

This module will introduce you to the three Ps of preparing for a publication:

  • Planning including setting objectives and setting a publication source
  • Publishing issues such as open access, discoverability and writing tips
  • Promoting and tracking your research and publications

This module should take about 30 minutes to complete.

Upon completion, please take a moment to complete the feedback to let us know how we may improve this module in the future.


You may also be interested in viewing the following webinar Strategic Publishing (66 mins) recorded from the Library’s ‘PhD Up!’ program. The webinar content complements this online module.

Like this webinar, the content of the Strategic Publishing Library guide also complements this online module.


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