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Systematic Reviews


Hello, and welcome to this online module on Systematic reviews.

This module is designed to take approximately 30 minutes, although undertaking the activities will require additional time.

The module will help you: 

  • Understand what a systematic review is.
  • Know the difference between a systematic review and a literature review.
  • Know the various steps involved in conducting a systematic review.
  • Develop your research question and protocol.
  • Learn about resources and strategies when searching the literature.
  • Understand selection and evaluation processes of the included studies.

You can work your way through the module in sequence by using the Next and Back links at the bottom of each page. Alternatively, you can use the menu at the top of the screen to skip to a section. 

We hope you find this module useful. Let us know what you think via the feedback form at the end.


This video on systematic reviews provides an overview of the key components, and the process you need to follow when conducting one. Briefly covered are developing the research question and the protocol, aspects of searching, performing the analysis, reporting findings, and further assistance.

Introducing systematic reviews (Microsoft Stream, 14mins) (RMIT login required)


You may also be interested in viewing the following webinar, recorded from the Library’s ‘PhD Up’ session, which complements this online module. Please note that this webinar is 60 minutes in duration.

PhD Up webinar – Systematic reviews (60mins) by RMIT University Library (YouTube)



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