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EndNote is the most commonly used reference manager at RMIT. RMIT pays for an institutional license for all staff and students, and one of the main benefits of using EndNote is the support available from the Library.

In addition to the main features common to all reference managers, EndNote:

  • Provides unlimited storage for full-text documents and associated files
  • Works with a wide range of word processing applications including MS Word (Windows and Mac), OpenOffice and Apple Pages. EndNote also works reasonably well with Google Docs
  • Has a ‘Find full text’ function as well as the ability to attach full-text documents
  • Allows easy creating and editing of reference styles

EndNote also provides an online version however the functionality is more limited than the desktop version [needs amending]. For example, you can’t edit styles in Endnote online and storage is limited to 50,000 records.

Help and support

Assistance with EndNote is available from the RMIT Library online via Ask the Library and the EndNote subject guide, and one-on-one and advanced support is available via the research consultation form. There are many online tutorials available from Endnote’s website, as well as a very useful YouTube channel.

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