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Zotero: Introduction (2:52 mins) by ZoteroVideo (YouTube)


Zotero is a widely used, open source referencing application and lots of support is available online.

Features include:

  • 300mb of free storage (an upgrade is available for a fee)
  • Excellent for capturing additional content such as web page snapshots
  • Create public groups where membership is open and users can join instantly, [enabling broad discussions?]
  • Create and join research groups and share your library and all associated items like notes and discussion threads
  • Collaborate and share your library with an unlimited number of people
  • Allows for the direct transfer of a Mendeley library via an RIS file using the import functionality


Zotero is used by many researchers at RMIT University. Here’s a short video of Dr Stephen Rowley speaking about aspects of Zotero that he finds useful:

Zotero (6:12 mins) by Tristan Badham (YouTube)

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