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Web of Science

Web of Science can also be used to retrieve citation counts and h-Index scores for a particular author.

In much the same way you found an author’s impact in Scopus, you can search Web of Science by an author’s name e.g. Lingard, H. To ensure you get the right papers, you might also want to add to your search where the author works eg. RMIT.

As you did in Scopus, you can also choose to remove self-citations from the results and any papers that don’t belong to that author. Once you have an accurate set of papers you can use Citation Report to view or export the data retrieved.


If you would like to see a demonstration of how to search for an author and generate a citation report in Web of Science, watch this video.

Web of  Science: citation report (6:08 min) by Web of Science Training (YouTube)


  1. Go to Web of Science.
  2. Do an author search on your supervisor or another author that you know has published a number of papers.
  3. Create a Citation Report and note the citations counts, with and without self-citations.
  4. Note the h-Index score for that author.

  Extra Activity

Dimensions is an online database for searching and retrieving research papers, grant information, clinical trials, and patents. While RMIT University does not have access to the full version of the Dimensions database there is a public version you may wish to view.

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