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Syncing your EndNote Library

Syncing your EndNote library on one computer to an EndNote online account will allow you to sync that library to other devices. You can then use any of these devices to write, add and edit references in EndNote and Word. Any changes you make to your EndNote library will be reflected across all synced devices.

You can choose to sync your library at either at regular time intervals (ie. every 15 minutes), or as you close down the EndNote program.

Connecting your EndNote library to an EndNote online account also allows you to share your EndNote library or groups with other researchers.

Detailed steps for syncing your EndNote library, and for sharing your library with others, is available in the document Setting up your EndNote Sync for CollaborationEndNote 20 handout (Sync) or EndNote X9 handout (Sync)

Watch this video

If you would like an overview of how to sync your EndNote library watch this video.

EndNote Sync (2:31 min) by Clarivate Analytics (YouTube)

Best Practice Tip

When writing a Word document using synced EndNote libraries across different devices, such as your laptop at home and your desktop computer at work, its important to follow the process outlined below.

Although each synced library contains the same references and content the unique number (#) of each reference can be different on each device.

When you open a document and before you begin editing on a different device make sure to click Update citations and bibliography option in Word. This will ensure that the references in your document now correspond to the numbers in the EndNote library on that device.

You should do this each time you are changing devices.

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