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Collaborating with Others using EndNote

Many times in your research career you will collaborate with other researchers, including your supervisors. When working with others and using EndNote for referencing its good practice to decide at the beginning of your collaboration how you will work together.

When using EndNote to reference, you may, for example decide to share reference libraries or to share a group of references with others. For example, if you have synced your EndNote library to an EndNote online account it is possible to share a particular group of references with others who also have their EndNote library synced to their online account.

Best Practice Tip

Decide ahead of time what will work for you and your supervisor when using EndNote for referencing.

You might decide that it’s best for you to unformat your EndNote citations before sharing your Word document with your supervisor, particularly if they using track changes. Alternatively, your supervisor might prefer you to leave EndNote formatting in your document in order to see the full details of your reference list.

Check with your supervisor what will work best for you both.

Either way its best practice to always make a backup of your documents before sharing them with others.

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