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Editing references

It is not uncommon to have to edit references that you have added to your EndNote library. Sometimes the data that appears in a Database, Google Scholar or LibrarySearch may not be complete, elements may be missing, or it could be presented incorrectly. For example, if the title of a paper appears in capital letters then when added to your EndNote library it will remain so, and needs editing.

Another reason you may wish to edit references in your EndNote library is to take advantage of fields such as Keywords or Research Notes. Whilst some references may already contain keywords from the database, you may wish to consider including additional ones to enable easier searching and locating references in your EndNote library. The Research Notes field enables you to include any relevant information about the reference.

Changing capitalisation in the title field 

Sometimes when references are exported from Databases the title of the paper may have been presented in CAPITAL letters. To correct this in your EndNote library:

  1. Double click onto a reference to open it in a new screen
  2. Highlight the text 
  3. Click the Change case button 
  4. Select the Sentence case option, but note that any proper nouns or acronyms will need to be capitalised.
  5. Closing the window will save your changes.

Image: Acknowledgement to Clarivate for use of image. Used under the terms and conditions of the vendor license.

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